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Health at Work

Your Health at Work

Our priority is to provide professional guidance to workers and their employers to overcome the adverse effects on health from hazards at work. We will guide workers with injury or ill-health through the workers compensation system with their best medical interests at heart. With work-related injury you not only need expert medical care, but guidance and support to deal with the system to enable you to recover. This includes communication with your employer, rehabilitation providers and insurers, in addition to your health practitioners. We recognise the value of a multidisciplinary approach to health care. We also provide impartial advice to employers, insurers and lawyers about work-related health issues.

We have expertise in the management of work-related musculoskeletal disorders, especially back and neck injuries, limb injuries and overuse disorders, in addition to the provision of support and guidance to deal with the psychological impact of illness and injury. We have a focus on recovery and rehabilitation.

Workers are usually referred by their general practitioners where our expertise is required. In situations where it is agreed with you and your doctor, we may co-ordinate ongoing treatment and rehabilitation in co-operation with your employer, the rehabilitation provider and the insurer. We also provide advice to employers and insurers about rehabilitation and management of injuries, but we can only provide treatment in circumstances where you agree that our doctors take on a treating role, usually on referral from your doctor. We can only provide information to your employer or the insurer with your consent.


We regret to advise that due to the number of current forward bookings and restricted capacity Dr Sharman has decided to close his books to any new referrals for patient management and treatment.

Dr Sharman will consider exceptional cases, however full referral details should be forwarded to Dr Sharman to reception@201davey.com.au for Dr Sharman to review.

In urgent cases, the referring doctor should call and speak with Dr Sharman.